Saint Paul Fire Local 21 Honor Guard, Pipes and Drums

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Please help us honor our 62 Saint Paul Fallen Firefighters!

Permanent Memorials are in place around Saint Paul marking the locations where those being honored gave their lives in the line of duty.  You can help by sponsoring a Memorial in recognition of their ultimate sacrifice.  Any donation will be gladly accepted and those who donate $100.00 or more will have their name listed on this website.  Any amount collected above the cost of funding this project will go to support the Saint Paul Fire Honor Guard.  Just use the contact form on this page and include your address so a tax deductible receipt can be mailed to you.  In the "message" space, please state who you are sponsoring and the relationship you have with them.  A thin red line will be drawn through the name of a Firefighter who has been sponsored.  A sample of the Memorial marker is located on the right hand side of this page, below the interactive map.

Visit our interactive map located on the right margin of this webpage for a complete listing of the Firefighters' names and date of their Line Of Duty Death.  This interactive map is where you will be able to scroll over the site, read about the incident, and see where the markers are located in driving tour order. There is also a link to the MN State website that has the complete LODD history and pictures of the honored.

To donate please use the Donate tab located on the right hand side of this page.  Another option is to mail in a check, please address it to: 

Saint Paul Fire Honor Guard, Pipes and Drums

1000 7th Street West

Saint Paul, MN 55102

The Saint Paul Fire Honor Guard and all Saint Paul Firefighters thank you for your support!

Below you will find the names of the SPFD LODD in alphabetical order.

Once a Firefighter has been donated to, a "thin red line" will highlight that individual and a donor’s name will accompany them.

Wallace J. Abbott - Donation by Angie Abbott & Family

George Aker - Donation by Margaret Owen Thorpe

Harold Barck - Donation by Jean and Harry Hansen

Ed Bednar

Robert Berthiaume

Harold Bowman

George Brown - Donation by Carl Gerken

Daniel Campion 

Warren Clasen

Shane Clifton - Donation by South Central College, So. St. Paul Neighbors, 

Michael Cloonan

John Conroy

Francis Conway - Donation by Joyce M. Conway and Patricia Grufman

William Cunniff

John Dillon 

Francis Edey

Phillip Ewald - Donation by the Gerald Ewald Family

John Flaherty

Patrick Flaherty

Patrick Fleming - Donation by Jerry Conway

Joseph Foley

Alfred Godette - Donation by Frances McGee Cromartie and Annette McGee Wright

Fred Guion - Donation by Thomas and Mary Guion

Ramon Hain - Donation by Gail Hain and Family

Milford Holm -  

Russell E. Hunt - Donation by Russell D. Hunt, Sr.

Bertram Irish -

William Irvine -

Andrew Johnson -

Sam Jurgensen - Donation by Karen Smith and Morhart family

Michael Kane - Donation by Dependents of Captain Michael Kane 

Thomas Kell - Donation by Mary Kill

Ernest Kellerman

William Kellerman

Louis Kieger - Donation by Jason Kieger

John Kill - Donation by Mary Kill

Louis Literski - Donation by the family of Agnes and Joseph Literski

Myron Longeway

Edward Low

M.H. Maloney

Stanley Manning

Michael McGarry

Frank McMahon -

Frank Minogue - Donation by Sally Mason

Emmett Mulcrone - Donation by Dave and Kathy Nyberg

Patrick Murray - Donation by James P. Murray

Merlin Myers

John Nelson - Donation by Robert and Barbara Rogers, Karen Nelson, James and Colleen Nelson

Ed Novak - Donation by E. Rick and Susan A. Novak

Emmett O'Connor

Peter Okerman

Samuel Ricci

Walter Rose

Herman Schmaltz - Donation by Joseph M. Sondreal's grandson, Palmer Sondreal

James Seery - Donation by Kathleen Seery, granddaughter

Gary Skoglund

John Strapp - Donation by John J. Strapp, Jr

John Thome

Louis Wagner -

John Weimer

George Wells

John Zasada

John Zilliox - Donation by Family of John Zilliox

            Non specific LODD donor:

Dr. Lisa Murray

Hubbard Broadcasting

MN Chive

Steffan Weidenbach

John Hall


The road to making the memorial a reality was a long one. It began in 1987, when artist Douglas O. Freeman created the familiar sculpture of a firefighter holding a young child, which was placed in a public space near the baggage claim areas at the Minneapolis –St. Paul International Airport.

Through the years the desire to create a larger, more accessible and interactive memorial on the grounds of the State Capitol increased, and in the spring of 2011 two critical developments occurred: World-renowned architectural and design firm Leo A. Daly offered to design a fitting and proper memorial space and Twin Cities public relations agency Bellmont Partners offered to lead a communications campaign to build awareness and drive funding – both on a pro bono basis.

The MN Fire Service Foundation began the process of building a MN State Fallen Firefighter Memorial on the State Capitol grounds. They successfully raised $720,000 to fund the memorial through donations from the public, Minnesota businesses and, primarily, from the state’s firefighting community in order to fund the project by December 31, 2011.  It became a reality when the completed structure was dedicated on September 30, 2012.  The names of 207 firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty are inscribed on the memorial which is located on the south side of the State Capitol grounds. 

An annual service is held on the last Sunday in September, which has been designated as the state’s official day to honor Minnesota’s fallen firefighters. This year it will be held on September 27.

In the spring of 2014, a Saint Paul firefighter presented an idea to the Saint Paul Fire Foundation (a collection of business leaders and firefighters, established in 2010 with the mission of finding ways to fund projects that benefit St. Paul Firefighters and the citizens they serve) about having permanent markers placed around the city in order to further memorialize our Line of Duty Deaths (LODD) in a way that is more informative and historical. 

There have been 62 LODD since the St. Paul Fire Department was established in 1856, the first recorded in 1882.  In 2010, Chief Tim Butler assigned the task of compiling the history of those deaths to his secretary, Josette Bradley, and office manager Cindy Mentes.  They searched history books and newspaper clippings, and contacted family members of the deceased in order to put together all the facts.  The firefighters were memorialized at the dedication ceremony on the Capitol grounds in September of 2012.  Now a much more personal and informative tribute is in the works.  Street signs or wall mounted signs will be placed near the site of the LODD and will include the Maltese Cross which is the symbol of the fire department, the person's name, and the date that they gave their life in the line of duty.  There will also be space for anyone's name who wishes to sponsor a memorial sign for a minimum donation of $100.  Go to or to make a donation or to become a sponsor.  Donations to the St. Paul Fire Foundation will also be accepted.  A listing of the firefighters' names, the history behind their LODD, and site locations in driving or biking tour order can also be found on the Local 21 website.

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